The Educational Cooperation Unit (SPK) of Pribadi Bandung’s Junior High School

School Curriculum | Pribadi Bandung applies a national curriculum that is enriched by Cambridge International School curriculum. In addition, the assessment of students is conducted by using Cambridge International Examination’s standards, which makes it internationally and globally oriented, along with the use of active learning approach. The existing curriculum is then developed into an active, creative, effective and fun learning.

Bilingual System | We provide bilingual education for science and social studies. Science subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology are taught in English so that our students can read and understand international textbooks. Social studies subjects are taught in Indonesian so that students can grow as human beings who understand and love their own culture and language.

Project-Based Learning | The education model in our school is not only based on theory; we design a curriculum that is on a par with project-based disciplines so students know how toapply their knowledge.