SAT Test – Scholastic Assessment Test or SAT is a form of admission test that is applied by universities or schools in the United States. Initially, the SAT was used only for universities, but now there are adjustments for the school level.

This screening test is very commonly used. However, in some situations, the SAT is not the only screening test. Universities may collaborate with other types of screening tests.

The SAT test has been in use since 1926 and has undergone several changes. At first it was called the Scholastic Aptitude Test, then changed to the Scholastic Assessment Test, SAT I: Reasoning Test, SAT Reasoning Test, and is now shortened to Scholastic Assessment Test or SAT.

SAT material is also continuously updated from time to time. In its latest version, released in 2014 and in use from 2016, the SAT material is based on material close to high school.