Berbeda dengan sekolah atau lembaga pendidikan lain, Pribadi Bilingual Boarding School Bandung menerapkan sistem pengajaran dwi bahasa, yaitu Bahasa Indonesia dan Bahasa Inggris. Dalam penerapan sistem bilingual ini, sekolah membuat format secara khusus untuk mata pelajaran bahasa inggris ditingkat SD, SMP, dan SMA dengan standar Cambridge English Language Assesment.

Vision Statement

Pribadi Bilingual Boarding School Bandung envisions to realizea golden generation that are noble, intelligent, global-minded, and rooted in Indonesian culture. Also, able to actualize those values in society.

Mission Statement

  • To make SPK Pribadi Bandung the best and most leading educational institution that provide space for the development of students’ and teachers’ potentials.
  • To upgrade the quality of teachers by improving their professionalism and understanding on education that is in accordance with today’s existing development.
  • To prepare students for their studies in a higher level of education by presenting quality learning system and the application of latest technology.
  • To develop students’ love for others, including their people and nation.
  • To increase community’s participation in educational activities.